June 2022 Update

To our valued clients and friends,

It’s the middle of the year already and sadly it has been another very eventful time, all for the wrong reasons. The cost of all this “ quantitative easing “ ( printing of money ) is washing through the system. The legacy of the covid tragedy is still and will continue to cost us all dearly in many ways. Rising costs from supply chain blockages are just one element of this. The ongoing war in Ukraine adds to the human tragedy and resource and supply/energy issues globally. Reserve banks around the world are increasing interest rates to try and control inflation. Investment earnings are consequently adversely affected, but the alternative of leaving money in the bank is not feasible with inflation over 5% already.

We remind you in June of the opportunity to put money into superannuation. The concessional ( tax-deductible ) limit, including your employer’s contribution is $27,500. And the non-concessional ( after-tax ) limit is $110,000.

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As always if we can do anything to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Angus & the team