AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund & Melbourne Airport Tour

August 2017 – AMP CCIF Melbourne Airport Visit 

Angus Hordern of Hordern Wealth Management visited Melbourne Airport at the invitation of AMP Capital Investors where he had the pleasure of meeting with two of the AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund’s Key Investment Directors, John Julian and David Kenny, who is also a Director of APAC, Australian Pacific Airports Corporation.  These directors spoke at length about Melbourne Airport which represents the largest single investment within this fund, highlighting the following: –

  • Half of the fund’s investments are listed on the stock market and half are invested in real assets (e.g. the Melbourne Airport);
  • The fund has been running since 30 June 2007 and over the last decade has produced an average compound return in excess of 8% (which includes the downturn in the GFC);
  • The fund never stopped redemptions throughout the GFC (but simply postponed daily to monthly redemptions); and

Approximately half of the fund’s investments are in Australia and half overseas (with a tendency to have more overseas currently).